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Top 10 Elementary Schools in London, Ontario

Are you a parent or guardian searching for the best elementary schools in London, Ontario? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we have curated a list of the top 10 elementary schools in this vibrant city. London, Ontario, is known for its excellent education system, and these schools have consistently shown outstanding academic performance, nurturing environments, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

As a highly skilled assistant, I have meticulously researched and analyzed various factors, including test scores, student-teacher ratios, facilities, and parent reviews, to provide you with an unbiased and insightful overview of each school. Whether you prioritize a strong academic curriculum, innovative teaching methods, or a diverse and inclusive community, we have a school on this list that will meet your expectations. So, let’s dive in and discover the top elementary schools in London, Ontario, that will set your child up for success both academically and personally.

Factors to consider when choosing an elementary school

Choosing the right elementary school for your child is an important decision, as it sets the foundation for their educational journey. There are several key factors to consider when making this choice.

Firstly, you should consider the academic curriculum and teaching methods employed by the school. Some schools may focus on traditional teaching methods, while others may incorporate more innovative and experiential learning approaches. It’s important to assess which approach aligns best with your child’s learning style and goals.

Secondly, the school’s extracurricular activities and facilities should be taken into account. A well-rounded education includes opportunities for physical fitness, creativity, and personal development. Look for schools that offer a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, music, and clubs, to ensure your child has the chance to explore their interests beyond the classroom.

Lastly, the school’s environment and community are crucial considerations. A nurturing and inclusive environment can greatly contribute to your child’s overall well-being and social development. Research the school’s values, policies on diversity and inclusion, and parent involvement opportunities to gauge whether it aligns with your family’s values and expectations.

Ranking criteria for the top 10 London Ontario elementary schools

To determine the top 10 elementary schools in London, Ontario, we employed a comprehensive ranking system. Our methodology took into account several key factors that contribute to a school’s overall excellence.

We analyzed the schools’ academic performance, considering factors such as standardized test scores, graduation rates, and student achievements. Schools with consistently high academic results were given higher rankings.

We also considered the student-teacher ratio, as this plays a crucial role in ensuring personalized attention and support for each student. Lower student-teacher ratios were favored, as they allow for more individualized learning experiences.

Another important factor was the quality of facilities and resources available to students. Schools with well-maintained campuses, modern classrooms, libraries, computer labs, and sports facilities were given higher rankings.

Additionally, we took into account the feedback from parents and guardians. Parent reviews provide valuable insights into the day-to-day experiences at each school, including the quality of teaching, communication with staff, and overall satisfaction.

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Now, let’s explore the top 10 elementary schools in London, Ontario, in detail.

1. Jack Chambers Public School 

The school is a public school located in North London. The school has a strong academic reputation and offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Named after the famous London painter, Jack Chambers School was built in 1992.  It is a first-class educational facility housing 2 gymnasiums with a seating capacity of 800, a lunchroom facility, a music room and a childcare centre through the London Children’s Connection (519-850-0744).

A new 8 classroom addition was opened in November of 2006 in order to accommodate the growing population of the Jack Chambers community.  All of the classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard technology.  The Jack Chambers School facility is used extensively every day of the week, providing before and after school childcare programs, and community-based programs through the City on London in the evenings for children and adults.  The Jack Chambers staff prides itself in offering a balanced educational program for our students in the areas of academics, athletics and the arts.

Address: 1650 Hastings Drive, LONDON . Tel. 519-452-8240, Fax 519-452-8249, Email: jackchambers@tvdsb.ca.

2. Stoneybrook Public School 

Stoneybrook Public School is a public school located in West London. The school has a focus on literacy and numeracy and offers a variety of enrichment programs. The Stoney Creek area was occupied as farm land early in pioneer times of London Township. During the middle of the last century, urban development began. The brook draining the area was an obstacle to urban growth. The official opening of the school occurred on May 8, 1970.

The school colours are grey and blue which are emblematic of the stones and water in the name Stoneybrook. Classes encompass junior kindergarten to grade eight. Instrumental music is offered to grade seven and eight students.

Stoneybrook Public School is the second on our list of top 10 elementary schools in London, Ontario.

Address: 1460 Stoneybrook Crescent, London, ON N5X 1C4, Canada. Phone: 519-452-8590 Fax: 519-452-8599. email: stoneybrook@tvdsb.ca.

3. Masonville Public School

Masonville Public School is a public school located in East London. The school has a strong focus on the arts and offers a variety of music and drama programs. Masonville Public School is located near the corner of Fanshawe Road and Richmond Street in North London.

The school has been at this site since 1873. A school-wide renovation and addition was completed in 2021. Some of the building’s features include: 24 regular classrooms, a Learning Commons (library), a double gymnasium with stage, and a General Arts room.

In addition to these rooms, the school has 6 portable classrooms.  The school is barrier free and all rooms are air conditioned. Information and communication technology is supported by Smartboards in classrooms, document cameras, iPads, Chromebooks, and work stations in each classroom. All work stations are interconnected by a local area network and are connected to the Internet. 

Some of our activities may include: Cross Country, Grades 3-8; Senior Boys’ Basketball, Grades 7-8;  Senior Girls’ Basketball, Grades 7-8; Senior Girls’ Volleyball, Grades 7-8; Senior Boys’ Volleyball Grades, 7-8; Track and Field, Band, Grades 7-8; Choirs, Masonville’s Got Talent Show, Primary Dance Club, Cheer Club, Book Clubs, Student Parliament.

Address: 25 Hillview Boulevard, London . Tel. 519-452-8390, Fax 519-452-8399, Email: masonville@tvdsb.ca

4. University Heights Public School

University Heights Public School is a public school located in South London. The school has a focus on STEM education and offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

University Heights is a kindergarten to grade 8 public school in London, Ontario.  The school is part of the Thames Valley District School Board.  Our mascot is a proud and mighty unicorn!

University Heights has approximately 350 students that come from a wide range of ethnic, religious and global backgrounds.  Due to our proximity to the University of Western Ontario, we have many families who are studying or teaching at the university.

In addition to student learning and student centred extracurricular opportunities, University Heights has a very active School Council and Home and School Association.  Meetings are held monthly and all parents are invited to attend.  These parent groups help support the school through fundraising and engaging in discussions about our goals and directions as a school. 

Address: 27 Ford Crescent, London, ON N6G 1H8, Canada. Tel. 519-452-8630, Fax 519-452-8639, Email: universityheights@tvdsb.ca.

5. Byron Somerset Public School 

Byron Somerset Public School is a public school located in Central London. The school has a focus on community involvement and offers a variety of service-learning opportunities.

Byron Somerset is located in the southwest corner of London and serves 330 JK-Grade eight, highly motivated students from 185 families. School initiative focus on exemplary program, safety and communication. An experienced staff work closely with a support staff in a bright, clean facility that serves not only education needs but community based programs. The school’s fully accessible building hosts community based programs on many evenings throughout the school year.

A childcare facility operates under the direction of the London Children’s Connection. A large green space surrounds the school providing opportunity for recreation and leisure activity.  The School Council is very active and supportive of the school and students.

Address: 175 Whisperwood Ave, London, ON N6K 4C6, Canada,  Tel. 519-452-8090, Fax 519-452-8099, byronsomerset@tvdsb.ca.

6. ST. Paul Catholic Elementary School

St. Paul Catholic School caters to Catholic families residing in Oak Park, Oakridge Acres, Huntington, Hunt Club, and Red Tail Trail. Many graduates from the school choose to continue their education at Saint Thomas Aquinas School and St. Andre Bessette Secondary School. With a student population of 283 ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, the school is home to approximately 176 families.

Supported by the pastoral team at Holy Family Parish, led by Fr. Bob Remark, St. Paul Catholic School strives to foster an environment rooted in love, trust, and centered around Christ. The school holds a strong commitment to nurturing spiritual growth and character development.

One of the defining aspects of St. Paul Catholic School is its emphasis on community and parent involvement. Over seventy dedicated parents actively volunteer throughout the school year, collaborating with teachers and staff to meet the needs of the students and enhance the educational atmosphere. This high level of parent participation contributes to a vibrant and supportive school community.

The school community is represented by two organizations: the Catholic School Council and the Healthy School Committee. These groups serve as the voice of the parents, promoting collaboration and engagement between the school and home. Together, they establish a robust partnership that strengthens the educational experience and well-being of the students.

St. Paul Catholic School upholds a rich tradition as a community-based institution, fostering a sense of belonging and active involvement among its students, parents, and staff. With a focus on faith, community, and academic excellence, St. Paul Catholic School provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for students to thrive both academically and spiritually.

St. Paul Catholic Elementary School is the sixth on our list of top 10 Elementary schools in London, Ontario.

Address: 1090 Guildwood Blvd, London, ON N6H 4G6, Canada, Phone: 519-660-2790

7. St. Anne Catholic Elementary School

St. Anne Catholic School is delighted to welcome 227 Catholic elementary students from the North East community of London, Ontario. The school is an integral part of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, fostering a strong connection between faith and education. The school are committed to providing an excellent education that is deeply rooted in the Catholic beliefs, cultivating a community of learners.

Originally established in 1957 as a small school in West Nissouri Township, St. Anne Catholic School has undergone significant growth and development over the years. In 1962 and 1972, expansions were made to accommodate the increasing student population. During the 1980s, additional portable classrooms were added to meet the needs of a growing student body, peaking at 485 students. However, due to changes in enrollment patterns and boundary realignment, the current student population stands at 227 students.

Despite the changes in student numbers, St. Anne Catholic School remains a vibrant and multicultural community. The school takes immense pride in our dedicated staff members who go above and beyond to provide a nurturing learning environment. The families play an integral role in our school, actively supporting and engaging in the education of their children.

St. Anne Catholic School is committed to fostering academic excellence while instilling strong Catholic values in our students. The school cherishes the diversity and unique perspectives that each student brings to the community. Together, the school create a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates the shared faith and diverse backgrounds.

St. Anne Catholic Elementary school is the seventh our list of top 10 Elementary Schools in London, Ontario.

Address: 1366 Huron St, London, ON N5V 2E2, Canada, Phone number: 519-675-441

8. Clara Brenton Public School 

One of the respected public schools and best elementary schools in London Ontario with a 7.6 FI rating is the Clara Brenton school at 1025 St. Croix Avenue. Since original construction of the school in 1963, there have been three renovations and construction projects, the latest which was completed for the 2007-2008 school year.

The community supports the school through a variety of organizations including the School Council, the Healthy Schools Committee, the Safe Schools Committee, and the Home and School Association.”

Address: 1025 St Croix Ave, London, ON N6H 3X8, Canada, Tel. 519-452-8130, Fax 519-452-8139, clarabrenton@tvdsb.ca.

9. Lambeth Public School

At Lambeth Public School, students benefit from a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. The school provides hands-on learning experiences and encourages students to explore their interests in these fields.

The school offers a range of extracurricular activities related to STEM. The school also partners with local businesses and universities to provide students with real-world learning opportunities. It is regarded as the ninth of the top 10 elementary schools in London, Ontario, Canada.

Address: 6820 Duffield St, London, ON N6P 1A4, Canada, Tel. 519-652-2050, Fax 519-652-1372, lambeth@tvdsb.ca.

10. East Carling Public School

East Carling P.S. was opened in September of 2016 after significant renovations and an addition to the former Bishop Townshend P.S. The school also welcomed students from the former Lorne Avenue P.S. on opening day.  During the 2015-2016 academic year, parent groups, community members, staff and students from both of the former schools were heavily involved in ensuring a very smooth merger of the two school communities.

As part of the merger, a Naming Committee was struck and that committee with involvement from both school communities decided on the name East Carling P.S.  The newly renovated school is located in the Carling area of the City of London and most of the former Lorne Avenue P.S. families lived in Old East.  Hence, the combination of “East” and “Carling” was decided upon for the new name.

Currently, the school has approximately 450 students enrolled in the school and are very proud to host a Native Language Program for students in grades four to eight.  The school has several extra-curricular sports and clubs for our students and our East Carling Thunder teams have already done quite well in competitive sports.

Address: 814 Quebec St, London, ON N5Y 1X4, Canada, Tel. 519-452-8050, Fax 519-452-8059, eastcarling@tvdsb.ca.

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Choosing the right elementary school is a significant decision that can shape your child’s educational journey. London, Ontario offers a diverse range of top elementary schools that provide exceptional education opportunities for students. By considering factors such as academic curriculum, school culture, extracurricular activities, and community involvement, you can find a school that aligns with your child’s unique needs and interests. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the top elementary schools in London, Ontario, and has empowered you to make an informed decision. Remember, the best education opportunities are waiting to be unlocked for your child in London, Ontario!

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