Algonquin College; Everything You Need to Know

Algonquin College; Everything You Need to Know

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is of the top publicly funded English-language college located in Ottawa, Ontario and Canada founded in 1967. The province of Ontario five urban campuses is primary campus in Ottawa, secondary campuses in Perth, Mississauga, Pembroke and North York Campus.

The college has over 27,000 students; 19,000 full-time and 7,000 part-time students with about 4000 international students enjoying unlimited access to campus facilities. The college has been ranked among top 50 Research College in Canada, been recognized as one of Canada’s top innovation leaders.

From time-to-time Algonquin has transformed hopes and dreams into lifelong success with recent completed major extension projects. The college believes in the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth and development with a sincere and compassionate interest in the wellbeing of individual.

Algonquin College; Everything You Need to Know


Algonquin College was established during the formation of Ontario colleges system in 1967 which was named after the First Nations people who lived in the area. As the leader in the post-secondary education, Algonquin celebrates 51 years, undergoing significant growth. The college serves the National Capital Region and outlying areas of Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Upstate New York.

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Campus and residence (local and international) 

Algonquin is situated 2.9km from Pinhey Forest, 3km from Nepean Sportsplex, 5 km from Vincent Massey Park. With multiple campuses, the Woodroffe Campus Residence Complex opened in August 2003, providing housing for about 1,050 students with abundance off-campus housing in the area.

The school residence is located a short distance from Baseline Station where students take either route 95 or route 94 to the downtown core. Most students regularly journey from the National Capital Region by Ottawa’s city transit, OC Transpo or by car. Usually, second year students live at clustering apartment buildings and rental townhouses near the college.

Full-time students have a transit pass included in their tuition fees to facilitate off-campus living and reduce parking jam.  

What is Algonquin College Ranking in Canada and the World?

In 2022 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World Ranking ranked Algonquin College 1531 globally, 263 in Canada by US News and World Repost and 1428 according to Times Higher Education among others, making Algonquin one of the top colleges in Canada. 

Algonquin College Programs

Algonquin’s focus is on the arts and technology and promotes a strong focus on applied theory and practical experience. There are over 19,000 full-time students in more than 180 programs. There are 155 Ontario college programs, 18 apprenticeship programs, 40 co-op programs, 6 collaborative degree programs and 6 bachelor’s degree programs. Some of these degrees are through direct collaborative partnerships with Carleton University and University of Ottawa.

Algonquin offers the following bachelor’s degree programs: 

  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours);
  • Bachelor of Commerce (E-Supply Chain Management) (Honours);
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours);
  • Bachelor of Public Safety (Honours);
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Network Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development (Honours); and
  • Bachelor of Building Science (Honours).

Find all the offered programs and courses available at Algonquin college here: programs offered

Tuition Fee

Algonquin College offers bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, advanced diploma, post graduate and certificates in a range of discipline and specialties. Each semester tuition fee for Algonquin College is around CAD $7,652, CAD $15,551 for Undergraduate tuition fee, CAD $16,761 for Postgraduate, CAD $12,500 for diploma and CAD $17,586 for MBA tuition fee.

However, tuition fee vary from program to program. Use the fee estimator tool to know an estimate of how much the tuition fee may cost.

The institution has a total number of 500 teaching faculties and 150 non-teaching faculties with a world class book store and wide collections of students’ academic utilities. Its library contains 515 e-books, 20 research guides, 216 databases, among others.  

Admission requirements

Algonquin College utilizes various categories of requirements. While college requirements are mandatory for all programs, other specific requirements may vary depending on the program. To ensure you meet all the necessary criteria for admission, please refer to the following comprehensive list of requirements;

1. College Requirements

The Academic requirements at Algonquin College are universal and mandatory for all programs, serving as the minimum qualifications necessary for admission. To be accepted into an Algonquin College Program, applicants must have the equivalent of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Algonquin College acknowledges the validity of General Educational Development (GED) certificates as well as Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Ontario College certificates.

However, if you are 19 years of age or older and do not possess a secondary school diploma, there are multiple options available to demonstrate equivalency.

  • You have the option to apply as a mature student even if you lack a High School Diploma.
  • Each application in these cases is evaluated individually, and you may be requested to undergo an assessment at the Test Centre for English and/or Math if program-specific subject grades are necessary.

Additionally, it is imperative to fulfill the particular requirements of your desired program to secure admission.

2. Program Requirements

Program requirements encompass a range of academic prerequisites and additional criteria (such as portfolios or writing samples) that are unique to the program you are seeking admission to.

To obtain detailed information about various types of program requirements and the methods to fulfill them, kindly navigate to the Program Requirements page. If you are applying to multiple programs at Algonquin College, ensure that you submit all the relevant documents as instructed.

3. Assessment Requirements

Certain programs at Algonquin College mandate that all applicants undergo an assessment as part of the admission evaluation process. Alternatively, in some cases, an applicant may be requested to take an assessment to demonstrate their equivalence to an academic program requirement. To gather additional information about the various types of assessments utilized and offered at Algonquin College, visit the assessment requirement page.

4. Additional Admission Requirements

The college’s aim is to ensure that the program you choose is well-suited for your success. To guarantee this, the school implement additional admission requirements to assess your suitability for the program. Eligibility Packages are utilized for applicants who may not fulfill all academic requirements but can demonstrate equivalent experience.

The contents of an eligibility package vary depending on each program’s specifications. For examples of additional admission requirements and instructions on how to submit them, please refer to the additional admission requirements page.

Acceptance Rate 

For fair easy admission, Algonquin College acceptance rate is 60%. In order to be accepted by the college, students need to showcase their incomparable academic performance to meet the academic requirements. 

Notable Alumni 

Canadian Meteorologist, Janice Dean; Canadian Comedian, Tom Green; Canadian Journalist, Neil Macdonald; Canadian Television Host, Dan O’Toole; and Canadian Television Director, Jon Cassar, just to mention a few are notable alumni within a total of 122328 alumni of the college. 

How to Apply 

Application fee is to be paid along with completed application mandatory documents, SOP and LOR for admissions. Non-refundable application fee for UG, PG, Diploma and certificate courses in Algonquin College is $95. The college often takes 6-8 weeks to process application. Admission is however not guaranteed after application fee payment. Applicants should note that deadline for admission before applying. 

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