HOW TO APPLY CAMBRIAN COLLEGE — At Cambrian College, students are proud with unforgettable learning experiences, developing careers, and building futures. Students get access to Cambrian’s expect faculty and fully-loaded shops and labs though programs that blend academic learning, industry-specific, hand-on training and community involvement opportunities to help achieve ultimate goal and dream career. The college offers engineering, business management, business accounting, international business administration, biotechnology, microbiology, art and culture, media, among others. 


Before you apply Cambrian College

Before a future student decide to apply Cambrian College, applicants must consider the following;

  • Plan how to pay for studies, travel and living expenses. 
  • Make sure to meet admission requirements for chisen program 
  • Applicants applying from India or China should meet Student Partners Program (SPP) requirement. 
  • Understand that the language of instruction for all Cambrian College programs is English. Students applying to Cambrian programs must have sufficient English language skills in order to fully participate in classroom lectures, assignment, discussions and examinations. 

Note that the language of instruction for all Cambrian College programs is English hence, students applying must have sufficient English language skills and experience to fully participate in classroom lectures, assignments, discussions and examinations. 

Prepare your documents 

The documents required for undergraduate are: 

  • Attested mark sheets of Grades class 10 and 12
  • High school transcripts 
  • IELTS score report
  • Two academic references 
  • CV 
  • 6 passport size photos 
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of recommendation (LOR)
  • Financial proof 
  • Photocopy of passport 

The documents required for postgraduation includes;

  • Transcripts and certificates for gerades 10 and 12 
  • Bachelors transcripts and degree 
  • Work experience documents
  • Financial proof documents 
  • SOP
  • LOR
  • CV
  • Visa forms 
  • Photocopy of passport 

The applicant should make sure that;

  • All photocopies must be certified by the issuing institution or notarized 
  • If your transcripts are not in English or French, you must send the college translations with the originals or certified copies. 
  • Applications are reviewed on an individual basis
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed 
  • A photocopy of a passport must accompany your application 
  • Students applying from India or China must meet Student Partners Program (SPP). Requirements. 

Application deadline

Applicants must be encouraged to submit application by February 1st. However, applications received after February 1st will only be considered on the first come first served basis. 

Domestic and international applicant 

  • The international students can apply through Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) Cambrian International Portal. 
  • The applicant needs to create an online account for the Ontario College’s website for applying to any of the courses offered by Cambrian College at 
  • After logging in, the applicant will fill up his personal and educational details and then select Cambrian as his choice of the institution
  • The applicant needs to dill the college codes and program codes on the application form using the Ontario College Guide and on the Ontario college website
  • A non-refundable application fee of $95 should be paid. 

How to apply Cambrian College as domestic applicant

All domestic applicants can apply Cambrian College online via Note that when filling application form, applicant must include the college codes and program codes on the application form. Which are listed in the Ontario College Guide and on the website. However, applications to Cambrian’s English as a second language and upgrading programs do not go through Students apply directly to Cambrian for Cambrian English and Upgrading programs. 

How to apply Cambrian College as international applicant

International applicant should directly apply to the Cambrian College online; OCAS Cambrian International portal. Prior to applying international applicants are urged to contact the Cambrian International office. Application fee cost CAD$95 with tuition fees that ranges from $15,000 to $18,000 CAD approximately. First year tuition and fees are due prior to student’s visa application. However, if a study visa is refused, refund of tuition fees is guaranteed. Be informed that offer letter processing time is 4-5 weeks.  

After you apply Cambrian College

After applying, applicant should be informed that, offer letter is sent out by March 31 and the deadline for acceptance of the offer letter is May 1st. the applicant can confirm the offer of admission online at


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