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How To Apply Trent University

Apply Trent University — Trent University is a public liberal arts university in Peterborough, Ontario, with a satellite campus in Oshawa, which serves the Regional Municipality of Durham.

Trent applies critical, integrative thinking daily across all disciplines. Trent’s one-of-a-kind approach to personal development through supportive community engagement is in demand. Students set the example by co-creating experiences based on dialogue, different perspectives, and collaboration. 

This article gives in details a step by step procedure on how to apply Trent university, eligibility for application, scholarships and financial aids.

Application Requirements

To apply Trent University, you need to take note the application requirements and eligibility for the program chosen. Applicants must note that Trent University Admission Requirements is a Minimum of 60% in English 30-1 or a minimum of 65% in English 30-2 or provincial equivalent. Minimum 60% in three additional Grade 12 courses. 

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

These are the admission requirement to apply Trent University as an undergraduate. Applying undergraduate studies is divided into; apply as an Ontario Secondary School Student, Out-of-Province Student, Transfer Student, Mature student and international student.

Applying as an Ontario Secondary School Student 

General Admission Requirements:
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program specific prerequisites
  • A minimum 70% overall final average
  • ENG 4U with a minimum of 60%

program specific: check website

Out-of-Province Student 

Prospective high school students from Canada are advised to complete the “Canadian High School Student Self-Reported Grades” document available in the “Academics” section of the myTrent portal.

This enables the Admissions Office to assess select programs for an early conditional offer of admission. If you are granted admission to Trent University while you are still in the process of completing high school, your offer will be subject to meeting the minimum admission requirements of the program you were accepted into. In July, Admissions will request your final, official high school transcript by post or email (

Check the website for Province specific admission requirement.

Transfer Students To Trent University 

Trent University, the top-ranked undergraduate university in Ontario, offers a free application process, automatic credit assessment, and flexible credit transfers. By attending Trent University, you can broaden your opportunities, explore new avenues, and reach your personal, academic, and career objectives. Applications for the year 2023 are now open.

Trent University is recognized as one of the most transfer-credit friendly universities in Ontario, with many transfer agreements and flexible pathway options available to students. Trent University acknowledges credits earned from accredited colleges and universities, which can be applied to almost all programs at Trent.

Additionally, unassigned arts or science credits from previous programs can also fulfill elective course requirements for your new degree. If your transcripts cannot be ordered via the Ontario Universities Application Centre, they can be sent via email to after your application has been submitted.

Check the university website for the admission requirements for transfer students to Trent University.

Mature Student Requirements 

At Trent University, mature students are valued members of the community, just like any other student. To qualify as a mature student, you must be at least 21 years old as of the first day of classes for the session you are applying to, have been away from any secondary or post-secondary institution for at least two years as of the date of enrollment at Trent, and not meet the eligibility criteria under other admission requirements.

In addition, mature students can demonstrate their academic potential through professional, volunteer work, or other relevant achievements. It is important to note that meeting the minimum requirements listed above does not guarantee admission to any program or department at the university.

Certain programs with high admission averages and prerequisite requirements, such as Nursing, Teacher Education Stream, and Forensic Science, are not open to direct admission for mature applicants. Instead, mature applicants for these programs will be considered for an alternative program.

Check the details of the admission requirements for mature students on the university website.

International Applicant

Generally, a very good or B academic standing is required to be eligible for Trent University application. Admission requirement for international students are country specific as well as program specific. Check below:

  • Visit for country specific requirements
  • Each applicant is reviewed on an individual basis for meeting English Language Proficiency requirement. See the English Language Proficiency requirements for acceptable tests and exemptions.
  • See the admission chart for program specific requirements and minimum average

Graduate Admission Requirement

It is important to check admission requirement for graduate studies before you apply Trent University. Graduate Studies are divided into Master and Doctorate.

Master’s Program

  • The minimum requirement for admission to a Master’s Program is a four-year Honours Bachelor’s Degree (or the equivalent), from a recognized university.
  • Overall academic average of at least an upper second-class standing (B+/77%) in the work of the last ten full academic credits or the last two undergraduate years (full-time equivalent).

Doctoral Program

  • Applicants to a Ph.D. program should normally have a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree as appropriate.
  • A minimum B+ average on a completed Master’s Program

Application Deadline

All future students of Trent should consider checking the application deadlines of preferred programme before applying. The deadline for application is April 1, 2023. Hence students with demonstrated financial need can apply to the numerous bursary options available at Trent. Also the application deadline for entrance bursaries for new Trent students is July 30, 2023.

All programs except Bachelor of Education and Nursing round 1 Offers is early December, round 2 offers is early February, round 3 offers is mid-March and round 4 offers is early May. Bachelor of Education offers are sent February 1, 2023 as Nursing offers are sent from mid-March to early-May. 

Apply Trent University undergraduate programs

Attracting excellent students from across the country and around the world, Trent University is an exciting place to study. Below will guide you find the process in applying undergraduate programs: 

  • Step 1: Review Admission Requirements and Application Deadlines
  • Submit admission application form (create an account and apply directly to Trent through OUAC) 
  • Add to your “safe sender” list (once you submit application you will begin to receive emails from the International Admissions Office outlining next steps and other important information concerning your application).
  • Review your next step 

Apply Trent University Graduate programs

To be a part of students who connect and collaborate with faculty, staff and their peers through diverse communities, the following steps will guide applicant to apply graduate programs at Trent University: 

  • STEP 1: Review specific program requirements
  • STEP 2: Prepare your application (submit your OUAC application and pay your application fee) 
  • STEP 3: Receive acknowledgement email and claim your myTrent account (You will receive your student ID and instructions to access your myTrent account in your acknowledgement email). 
  • STEP 4: Upload your required documents (You will see a complete list of the documents you are required to submit for the application to your program through your myTrent portal). 
  • STEP 5: Application review (Once you have uploaded all of your required documents, and your referees have completed their reference, your application is complete and ready for review.  You will see your status in myTrent change to Pending Decision). 

Tips for strong application

Trent University is counted among the top 3.4% of universities across the globe. Besides, it is the numero uno undergraduate university in Ontario. Hence, it is neither too easy nor too difficult to get enrolled in this university. You must meet application deadline and complete the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

A minimum average of 70% is required for consideration for admission. A minimum grade of 60% must be obtained in ENG4U. You must present a minimum of six 4U/M courses to be considered for admission.

Scholarships and financial aids

Trent University offers a full and diverse scholarship program, designed to foster and reward academic excellence among its students. Scholarships are merit-based financial awards, typically awarded on the basis of academic excellence or a combination of academic achievement, leadership and community involvement.

Scholarships are used towards the payment of tuition and fees and recipients do not repay the award. All students are automatically assessed for Entrance and In‑course scholarships; no application is required.

After you apply Trent University

After you apply Trent University, please be sure to add Trent domain name ( to your Safe Senders list to ensure you are receiving all email communications. Please ensure you follow the steps below to complete your application.

  • By march 15, 2023, you will need: 
  • Apply for a study permit, submit $2500 CDN tuition deposit to secure your place at Trent University, apply for on-campus residence (Peterborough | Durham) and submit $500 CDN residence deposit.
  • By April 14, 2023, You Will Need: ​
  • Register for academic courses
  • By May 4, 2023 you will need:
  • Pay your Summer term tuition and housing fees (if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to know about Trent admission? 
  • Applying to the university is an exciting time for you, review Trent admission requirements and meet application deadline
  • How long does application process take for Trent?
  • It takes 3-5 business days for your application to be processed at Trent University. 


Trent University continues to build on its reputation as a world-leading environmental university, having been named #3 in Canada, and among the top 100 most sustainable university campuses worldwide, in the 2021 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. To apply Trent University you need firstly read more about the university and follow the step in this article.

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