How to Apply University of Waterloo

How To Apply University of Waterloo

Apply University of Waterloo — Many people know University of Waterloo for its Science, Computer Science, Engineering, and Math programs, but there are some unique programs that really set the University apart from other schools.

The University of Waterloo champions a culture of curiosity, exploration, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, global stewardship and leadership. Waterloo brings bold ideas and brilliant minds together, inspiring innovation with global impact today and in the future.

This article outlines the step by step procedure on how to apply University of Waterloo, application requirements and deadlines.

Application Requirements

To ensure students are academically well prepared to succeed, University of Waterloo have specific requirements that need to be met as part of the application process. These “admission requirements” can include;

  • Specific set of high school courses
  • Personal statements where you can let universities know about your goals, interests, and any extracurricular activities
  • Portfolio of creative work; an interview or audition
  • English language test scores for students whose first language is not English.

Depending on the number of credits you receive, we may classify you as a first-year or upper-year student. If you receive 4 academic course units (equivalent to 80% of a first-year course load) or more in transfer credits, you are not normally eligible for co-op programs.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the fall term is February 1, 2023. Supporting documents, such as transcripts, are due by February 17, 2023. Note that All documentation for all programs is required to be submitted by the document deadline.

Apply University Of Waterloo Undergraduate Program

If you plan to be a full-time Waterloo student, you’ll apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), which handles applications to each of Ontario’s universities. Applying through the OUAC means that you’ll apply and/or submit grades to the OUAC instead of having to contact multiple Ontario universities. OUAC will send your information to each Ontario university you apply to.

If you’re currently registered in an Ontario high school, you’ll apply using the OUAC 101 application and your high school will send your grade information to the university.

Apply University of Waterloo Graduate Program

Applicants should kindly follow the process below for applying to the graduate program(s) of your choice: 

  • Apply at least two to four weeks ahead of your program’s application deadline to ensure you have time to upload your supporting documents, and your referees have time to submit their reference forms.
  • Create an online application account. You may have only one graduate online application account. Please direct any online application account process questions to our graduate application team
  • Select your program: choose one “attendance type” (full-time or part-time) and one “type of program” (research paper, coursework, or thesis). If you would like to be considered for more than one option connect with the program directly.
  • Enter the required application information.
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee of $125 CAD per program.

Tips For Strong Application

Having more than 60, 000 applications each year, academics aren’t the only factor considered by our admissions office when reviewing applications. Some students are asked to present a portfolio of creative work. Others take part in a video interview.

And others complete a survey assessing their leadership potential. But there is one admissions tool that is used for nearly all programs at Waterloo: the Admission Information Form (AIF). The AIF is your chance to show Waterloo who you are outside of academics. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate why you want to be at Waterloo, and why Waterloo should want you. 

Scholarships and Financial Aids

Financial assistance programs have become increasingly important with the rising cost of post-secondary education. Student Awards & Financial Aid provides the necessary programs, information and advice to assist students as they pursue their goals at Waterloo.

The University’s programs include government aid, including OSAP; awards, scholarships and bursaries; as well as work-study opportunities.  

After You Apply University of Waterloo

Future students of University of Waterloo should be guided by the following after applying to University of Waterloo: 

  • Update your application, if necessary
  • Understand the admission review process
  • Wait for your admission decision 
  • Review your offer letter
  • Learn more about the conditions of admission listed in your offer
  • Check out the new student page to prepare for the start of term

Please note that admission decisions are made between January and May depending on the program and whether you’re an Ontario high school student or not.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Know more about questions and answers asked about University of Waterloo through the following: 

  • Question: What is special about Waterloo university?
  • Answer: Waterloo is a school that helps you gain relevant experience for whatever you want to do. North America’s largest co-op program, international exchanges, clubs, certificate programs, lab work, field studies, and hackathons are all examples of how Waterloo lets you explore your passions.
  • Question: Can I defer my offer of admission to a later term?
  • Answer: Deferrals are managed by the academic program to which you have applied. If you wish to defer your admission, please contact your graduate program coordinator with your request.
  • Question: Do you accept electronic transcripts to clear my conditions?
  • Answer: The University will accept electronic transcripts provided by the issuing institution. Please have electronic transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution to The documents from your institution must be received in a single PDF and include sender’s institution email address, full name and affiliation.


University of Waterloo is a school that helps you gain relevant experience for whatever you want to do. Many people know Waterloo for its Science, Computer Science, Engineering, and Math programs, but we have some unique programs that really set us apart from other schools.

Some of the popular courses at the University of Waterloo that are ranked best in Canada as per the QS subject rankings for 2022 undergraduate courses are Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Geography. 

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