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How To Apply Fanshawe College

How To Apply Fanshawe College—Fanshawe College is one of the largest colleges in Canada with campuses in London, Simcoe, St. Thomas, and Woodstock and additional locations across Southwestern Ontario. The College partners with over 60 institutions in over 10 countries to help meet academic goals.

It is one of the leaders in the development of cooperative education at the college level in Canada with 50 coop programs, more than any other college in Canada. With about 43,000 students and over 200 post-secondary programs and pathways to choose from, students graduate with the confidence and future job skills they need to succeed. 

Fanshawe College delivers career-focused, quality programs through flexible pathways to support your unique career goals and life success. Leading innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships to propel communities forward. 

Before you apply Fanshawe College

Going to college is a big step, which is why it’s important to do research to make sure you’re making the right decision. At Fanshawe, the college wants to give you the most information it can before you begin your application. If you would like information about admission process and programs and the careers they lead to, you can speak with an Admissions and Pathways Advisor. 

Admission requirement of Fanshawe College vary by program and include English language requirements. Applicant should make sure to find and understand all the admission requirements before applying foe a program. 

Prepare your documents 

The admission requirements for program will be found on each individual post-secondary program page. Unless otherwise stated, the standard academic admission requirement for post-secondary programs is on the following: 

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with courses at the college (C), Mixed (M) or University (U) level 
  • Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) 
  • An Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED) or the equivalent 
  • A mature applicant with standing in the required courses where applicable. Mature applicants must still have transcripts showing credit in the courses listed as admission requirements. 

Documents also required for application may include a resume and a cover letter.

Application Deadline

 Fanshawe College has three main terms: fall, winter and spring. The online applications open in early October. The college starts receiving applications by mid-October and all the applications received by February 1 are given equal consideration in admission process. However, applications received after February 1 are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Fanshawe College starts making admission offers from February 1 itself till mid-March. 

Note that it is recommended that international students must confirm the program availability and exact start date from the official college website

Domestic and international applicant 

  • Fanshawe College uses the Ontario Colleges Application Service (OCAS) for all domestic certificate, diploma and degrees applications. Kindly their website for full instructions and video on how to apply. For help with your application, please contact OCAS at 1-888-892-2228
  • Fanshawe College uses the Virtual Administration System (VAS) for all international admissions
  • Are you an applicant to one of the college’s collaborative degree programs? Kindly apply through 

How to apply Fanshawe College as a domestic applicant

  • Visit the official website and go through all the available programs  
  • The course page will have a ‘programme availability’ section which will convey of the course is accepting application or not 
  • Applicants should visit the college’s virtual application system (VAS) and apply as a direct student or with the help of an authorized education agent
  • Upload all the relevant documents such as academic transcripts, English language proficiency proof, photo of your passport, among others. 
  • Deposit CAD$100 application fee and submit the application 
  • Once you receive your offer letter, you will have to pay the deposit which will be mentioned in your letter. This will preserve your spot
  • The applicant has to pay the tuition deposit within 30 days or earlier of obtaining offer letter. 

How to apply Fanshawe College as an international applicant 

  1. Complete the Fanshawe College online application for admission on 
  • Remember to attach all relevant supporting documents (high school transcript, college transcript and or diploma, university transcript and or degree) 
  • Make sure you pay your application fee of CAD 100.00 by credit card or by bank wire transfer. Instructions to do so are provided at the end of the online application. 
  1. Wait for your letter of admission. Fanshawe College international center will assess the application and provide you with a letter of admission as soon as possible. 
  • Note that applicant may be required to submit a tuition deposit prior to (or within 30 days) of receiving a letter of admission. 
  1. Apply for a visa by bringing your letter of admission to your country’s Canadian embassy or consulate. 

Each Canadian Embassy or Consultant has a specific list of required documents, make sure you check with them for this list 

  1. In order to secure your admission to Fanshawe College, the college must receive certain pieces of documentation. View the summary to ensure all documents are submitted by the deadline. 

After you apply Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College begins processing of the application as soon as the applications are submitted. However, the college does not make admissions decisions for September, January, March or May start dates until after February 1 each year. Till February 1, all applications are considered on an equal basis. The earliest offers dates range from February to mid-March. The selected students are required to confirm the offer of admission conditions, the students are required to send proof of completion three weeks prior to the beginning of the classes. 

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