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How To Apply Fleming College, Ontario

Apply Fleming College—Fleming College is a thriving academic community, with professional faculty and best-in-class, innovative learning settings, having about 75 full-time programs to choose from. The main campus of the college is located in Ontario, Canada is the Sutherland campus. It offers a variety of part-time and contract training opportunities, as well as dual credit courses in collaboration with local school districts.

In offering over 75 full-time programs in Arts and Heritage, Business, Health and Wellness, Justice and Community Development, and Trades and Technology. International Students can apply to UG certificate, diploma and PG certificate programs. All the programs involve hand-on, applied learning to ensure students are well prepared for a successful career.

International students can get real-world, hands-on training through applied projects, community projects, co-op placements, international field trips, internships, field camps, lab/clinical work, simulation lab, studio practice and work placements. 


Fleming College has a wide range of prerequisites. As a result, before commencing application, applicants should carefully check the college’s requirements, programs and documentations for aptitude exams and English proficiency. 


In seeking to be a student at Fleming College the following are the documents you should consider; 

  • Academic transcript
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Passport 
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Resume/CV 
  • Supplements essays 
  • Financial documents 

Undergraduate Certificate/ Diploma 

  • Academic transcripts 
  • Letters of recommendation (LORs) 
  • Supplement essays 
  • Financial documents 
  • Passport 
  • Immunization records 
  • English proficiency test score report 

Postgraduate Certificate 

  • Academic transcripts 
  • Resume/CV
  • SOP
  • LORs
  • Financial documents 
  • Passport 
  • Immunization records 
  • English proficiency test score report 


Apply to Fleming College by the February 1st Equal Consideration Date. This is the deadline for highly competitive programs; applications received before February 1, 2020 will be given equal consideration. At Fleming College, the college truly have something for everyone. Whether you are at workplace, high school, college or university grad, the college have programs that will work for you. One-year certificate, two-and three-year diploma, and short duration graduates certificate programs means you can find the program that best suits you. If Interested in more than one program, you can check out the college’s dual diploma options, where you can earn a second diploma in a related field with just one more year of study. 

It’s never too late to apply, whether you are a mature learner or graduating high school. If you want to get started right away, the college offer programs that start in September, January, and May. 


Applicants should follow the steps below to apply Fleming College as either domestic or International Applicant:


Step 1: Choose a program 

  • Applicant should review the programs available on the college’s Programs page. 
  • Check the program start date, program length, academic requirements and minimum language requirements. 
  • If applicant want to learn more about the college’s programs from an FCT student’s advisor, kindly email 

Step 2: Gather document 

  • To confirm eligibility for admission to your program of choice, applicant will need to submit a specific set of documents to the application portal.
  • Check the Programs page for specific program academic requirements and the Language Requirements page for English Proficiency requirements.
  • Fleming College Toronto reserves the right to request additional documents at any given time throughout the admission process.

Step 3: When to apply 

Fleming College encourages applicant to apply as early as possible to ensure enough time to obtain a temporary resident visa (if necessary) and student permit or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), all of which can take several months.

You are encouraged to ensure that your application is completed correctly. Submitting an incomplete application will often affect processing time and impact admission eligibility assessment.

Step 4: How to apply 

If programs show as unavailable/closed in the portal, they are currently full, or we have a large number of applications in process. You are invited to apply to the next available intake.

  • A direct applicant without an agent should submit application through the college’s portal
  • Application through agent should be submitted on applicant’s behalf on th FCT agent portal.  
  • Pay application fee of $100
  • Submit an application for review (following payment of the application fee). 
  • Upload supporting documentation (i.e., transcripts, English Proficiency test, etc.) 
  • View the status of your application 


The application process for international students at Fleming College is fairly straightforward and convenient. Students from outside United States must apply through the OCAS portal. An applicant can use this channel to apply to other Ontario colleges as well. 

International applicants must complete the processes outlined below to Fleming through OCAS: 

  • Login to the OCAS Portal and create an international application for the Fleming College 
  • Pay the application fees
  • Submit your application form for review 
  • Upload all the supporting documentation required
  • Once your application is accepted, get your Letters of Acceptance printed 
  • You must ensure to confirm acceptance of an offer, before confirming deposit payment
  • Update your personal information 

Applicant should note that Fleming College application fee is 100 CAD (INR 6,097) with application portal; OCAS. 


If you are accepted or conditionally accepted to Fleming College Toronto, you will be notified via email. Fleming College usually takes somewhere between 3-4 weeks to process the application. 

However, at Fleming College it is important to take note that Program seat availability cannot be guaranteed. The application is not an irrevocable offering by Fleming College Toronto to the student. Fleming College Toronto reserves the right to make changes affecting but not limited to areas such as admission procedures, tuition, other fees, courses of instruction, program location, programs of study and general regulations. Fleming College Toronto will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the student as a result of such changes.

How To Apply Fleming College, Ontario by SchoolsinOntario

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