how to apply Queen's University

How To Apply Queen’s University

Apply Queen’s University — Queen’s University is welcoming and supportive of students and faculty from all countries and backgrounds, we embrace diversity of ideas and perspectives. And once here, our students and researchers enter a national and global network of innovators, advocates, and entrepreneurs who open doors for those who follow.

The University’s reputation for leading-edge physics, cancer research, geoengineering, data analytics, surveillance studies, social science and mental health research is well documented, highlighted by the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. 

Before you apply Queen’s University

Before applying, make sure you meet the minimum requirements for admission to your desired program. Note that Queen’s University has a strong campus culture, with a wide range of student organizations, clubs, and activities.

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Prepare your documents 

Future students of Queen’s University should be ensure that application materials and supporting documents are complete to apply. Hence, to secure admission applicants must provide the following documentation: 

  • Official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions you attended, including those attended as a visiting student on exchange or on a study abroad program
  • Official LSAT score(s)
  • Personal Statement
  • Confidential letters of reference
  • Supplementary documentation to support the basis of your claim in the Indigenous Peoples, Black Student Applicant and Access categories, as necessary

Application Deadline 

The application deadlines for Queen’s University, Canada vary depending on the program and level of study. Here are the general deadlines for undergraduate and graduate programs:


  • January 15: Deadline for all programs except for Commerce, which has a deadline of December 1
  • February 1: Deadline for all international applicants


  • Deadlines vary depending on the program, so it’s important to check the specific program for its deadline. Some programs have rolling admissions, while others have specific deadlines ranging from November to February.

It’s always a good idea to check with the specific program you are interested in for more detailed information about application deadlines and requirements. Also, keep in mind that some programs may have earlier deadlines for scholarship consideration or for submitting supplementary application materials.

Domestic and international applicant 

Queen’s University welcomes both domestic and international applicants. Domestic applicants are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, while international applicants are citizens of other countries.

The application process for domestic and international applicants is similar, although international applicants may have additional requirements such as providing proof of English language proficiency and obtaining a study permit.

At Queen’s University, international students make up about 12% of the student population, and the university provides various services to support international students, such as assistance with immigration, housing, and academic advising. The university also offers scholarships and awards specifically for international students.

Overall, Queen’s University is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity, and welcomes students from all backgrounds to its campus community.

How to apply Queen’s University as a domestic applicant

Here are the steps to follow to apply Queen’s University as a domestic applicant: 

  • Visit Queen’s website and choose your preferred programme 
  • Review admission requirement 
  • Create an account on the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website 
  • Log in to your OUAC account and complete the application form with personal information, academic history, program and campus preference. 
  • Pay application fee and submit application to receive a confirmation email. 
  • Submit additional documents if required 
  • Log in to your OUAC account to check status of your application 

How to apply Queen’s University as an international applicant 

Queen’s offers the International Studies Certificate option to all Queen’s University undergraduate students regardless of their degree concentration. 

Here is how to apply Queen’s University as an international applicant: 

  • Visit Queen’s University website and choose your programme 
  • Review admission requirements 
  • Create an account on the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website. 
  • Log in to your OUAC account and complete application form with personal information, academic history, choose program and campus preferences. 
  • Pay application fee 
  • International applicants are often required to submit additional documents, such as transcripts, test scores, a personal statement, and proof of English language proficiency. 
  • Apply for a study permit 
  • Log in to your OUAC account to check status of your application 

After you apply Queen’s University

After applying for Queen’s University, you would need to do to keep the application on track, depending on what kind of applicant you are. If you are accepted, you will need to prepare for the next steps, such as registering for courses, finding housing, and getting involved on campus. 

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